Stairs Projects

– Stunning Stairs ideas for architects and interior designers –

Stairs Projects. Custom Design Staircases.
Huge selection of materials, colors and shades can be mixed to generate creations and sleek stairs of distinction.
With 3D visuals and renders  issued by our designers we can work on your staircase design idea and generate images to show the final look of your unique staircase. Once approved, the design idea will be transformed into a real project.

Project Reference: Wheterby Gardens, Kensigton – London
Elegant modern glass staircase to give brightness and light to a new exclusive interior design.

Glass staircase powder coated stringers

Bespoke Stair with glass treads and railing

Glass staircase steel stringers

Clear glass treads and railing panels

Simple and effective stair fitted in a luxury Penthouse
Project type: Refurbishment luxury top floor flat.
Architectural Style: Modern
Location: Kensington – London
Status: completed
Stair features. Bespoke Architectural Glass Stair with supporting strings and treads frames in powder coated steel.
Three departure treads and square landing in marble, other straight steps and winders in Elegant railing with glass panels and steel posts and handrail. Our client wished to give an even more distinctive look to his  staircase and decided to have the posts coated in matt dark grey to match strings color and handrail matt light grey. This feature gives a brilliant design to the whole design concept.
At the top of the stair we fitted a huge rectangular platform to serve as stair landing but also as floor for the top flat level.
Stair Project Development. After the initial inquiry with drawings and basic measurements, we went on site to carry out site measures and worked all through the design process with client, interior designers and architects to find the best solution to bring a new life to the very old and dark flat. The result is astonishing. See with your own eyes and give us your comments…

Before …

Before …

Glass steps and top platform

After … Glass top landing, glass flooring and new staircase


Stairs Projects. Custom Design Staircases.

Project Reference: Flagship Store – St. Petersburg
Exclusive fusion of glossy stainless steel and bronzed glass for a futuristic interior design

Helical Modern Staircase

Architectural Spiral Stair Design Idea

Curved glass spiral staircase

Glass Spiral Stair Design

From the architectural stair design idea to the final stunning glass spiral stair masterpiece.
Our new glass spiral staircase proposal for offices or stores. A unique glass twisted staircase design for an exclusive interior design.
Stainless steel and glass combined together to accomplish an astonishing unique architectural stairway.
Boxed stainless steel centre pole and stringer, glass treads and curved glass railing.
Led light s on  glass are the final distinctive touch to further enhance the brilliancy of this stair.

Unique glass staircase design, project for a modern Villa Côte d’Azur -France

Glass Staircase with closed glass risers

Modern Staircase with glass closed risers and glass treads

Glass Staircase with closed glass risers

Modern Staircase with glass closed risers and glass treads

Here is our latest proposal for a new house or refurbishment.
A unique glass staircase design for an exclusive home interior. Wood, steel and glass combined together to accomplish a distinctive architectural element.
Combination of light colour coated steel with white glass enhances the elegance of zig-zag shaped lateral strings.
Isn’t it amazing how in a so small space we were able to create a so roomy, elegant and neat staircase?
If you want to heighten even more you can insert white or coloured LED lights inside the treads.

Exclusive Stair: Masterpiece of wood and stainless steel – Al Nasr Street Doha

Al Nasr Street Doha

Exclusive Stair: Masterpiece of wood and stainless steel – Al Nasr Street Doha

Curved Staircase made to measure to perfectly fit the interior design villa. Clean, simple but with extraordinary elegance.
Wood can be stained to different colours to match with any floor or furniture.
Stair railing can be manufactured with curved glass for an even more contemporary design.