Residential Stairs: Indoor functional Stairs Solutions, stunning look and simple works of art.

Residential Stairs or Indoor Stairs far beyond their function as simple element connecting two floors.

Depending on the choice of materials, the Stairs Design and its position in the room your Stair will not just look great, but will bring a distinctive look and style to your entire home.

Los Angeles Stairs Wilshire Boulevard
Curved sleek staircase with engineered powder coated steel stringers, railing with curved glass and curved wood handrail.  Oak steps with up-stands. A unique stair masterpiece to enhance the beauty of this exclusive apartment.

Los Angeles Stairs Wilshire Boulevard
Helical Staircase with curved glass railing, oak steps and handrail

Los Angeles Stairs – Wells Drive
Cantilever Stairs with oak treads and glass railing fixed directly to treads with stainless steel bolts.
Simple, elegant and breathtaking look for this floating staircase design.

Cantilever Stairs glass railing
Floating Staircase with Glass Railing
ak and glass cantilever stairOak and Glass floating stairFloating tread detail glass fixingOak cantilever treads close up

Moscow Stairs Smolensk Square
Classic and Modern Stairs design, the beauty of wood and the brightness of glass.

Oak Staircase with glass railing
Elegant Wood Staircase with glass railing

New York Stairs West Village

Powder Coated Steel Zig zag lateral stringers, steel steps and closed risers, stylish glass railing.

Zig zag Stair Design New York Stairs West Village
Stylish Zigzag Stair Design with glass railing

Modern steel and glass Staircase New York Stairs West VillageModern Zig Zag Staircase


Brown Steel Zig zag Staircase New York Stairs West Village
Brown Steel Zig zag Stair


Zigzag Grey Steel Staircase New York Stairs West Village

Grey Steel Zigzag Staircase


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