Modern Stairs: Inspiration from latest Architectural trends and new Interior Design Styles

Modern Stairs with High-Tech Materials, New Engineering, Smart Buildings…. great inspiration for Grand Design Stairs to create New Contemporary Stairs Designs.

Contemporary Stairways are much more than a simple element connecting two floors in a house or commercial building. The Modern Staircase in your home has to follow the directions given by your Interior Designer an match all your house style.

Glass, Glass, more Glass and Stainless Steel ….. Modern Stairs in offices, show rooms, atriums and shopping malls

Paris Stairs Rue De Barres
Stainless Steel stringers and railing, satin glass steps.

Stainless steel stairway glass steps
Stainless steel stairway with glass steps


London Stairs Bond Street
Luxury Wide Glass Staircase with satin glass treads and clear glass railing. The light and elegant  white steel stringers give solidity and soundness to the entire design.

Glass staircase satin glass steps clear glass balustrade London Stairs Bond StreetGlass staircase with matt glass treads London Stairs Bond Street


Los Angeles Stairs Brentwood
Modern design idea, curved cantilever wooden treads, contemporary stainless steel railing. Steps are fixing directly to the supporting wall with no need of additional support structures. Stainless steel wall handrail as option.

Cantilever floating curved staircase Los Angeles Stairs Brentwood
Cantilever floating curved Grand design Stairs



Cantilever Curved Stair with oak treads Los Angeles Stairs Brentwood
Cantilever Curved Stair with oak treads


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