Cantilever Stairs

First of all The Stair Statement: Stunning Floating, Suspended or Cantilever  Stairs Design

Architectural and engineering expertise cleverly combined to give a dramatic and unique touch of elegance to any interior design. No visible supporting structure, very light and bright design.
An impressive combination of  an extremely structurally sound solution with an open and airy design.  As a result this makes the cantilever stairs exclusive statements in any room.

Cantilever stair with wood treads and glass railing

Floating stair with glass railing

Oak cantilever staircase glass railing Oak and Glass suspended stair Solid oak cantilever treads Cantilever treads  fixed to glass railing

Cantilever Stairs Design, Concept and Construction

There are many different systems to achieve a unique cantilever design. First of all you can decide to have treads fixed directly to the wall or to support them with an invisible steel support.
In some cases the stringer is visible but leaves the floating sense of lightness to steps.
Our designers can plan the best  solution for any construction style and suggest the best option available for you.

Stair design styles

No limits for the cantilever stair layout, hence the floating stair can be straight, quarter turn, half turn, helical, curved and even S-shaped.

cantilever oak steps and glass railing Cantilever steps featured glass railing Floating stair toughened glass railing

Material Choices and Finishes

As for all our architectural stairs projects, the choice of materials is near infinite.
Steps can be therefore in different types of wood, assorted glass styles and designs, resins and even stones. Railing will be tailored to the interior design style, wrought iron or powder coated steel for a more traditional look, while toughened glass or stainless steel is more suitable on a modern interior decor. 

Featured Details of Our Cantilever Glass Staircase

With no visible support, open rise steps, glass risers and ‘Free Standing Glass’ balustrade this cantilever glass staircase will make a wonderful impression in your home. The Cantilever Stairs are further enhanced by additional ‘free standing glass’ guard rail on first floor level which will maximize the use of natural light to the stairwell.

Floating glass staircase

Cantilever oak treads and structural glass walls

Cantilever oak steps and glass staircase Cantilever treads glass railing Cantilever Glass & Oak staircase 1

Latest Design and Materials

Our research for New Stairs Designs and Materials is unending. Our Stairs Designers always come up with new solutions that are all the times very welcome by Interior Designers and Architects.
Here our latest proposals.

concrete style floating staircase

Cantilever Staircase with micro concrete finishing on treads

Micro concrete Floating Stairs

Micro concrete is a versatile material often used on floors, kitchens and bathrooms. It is a fantastic choice for Floating Stairs as it provides a perfect anti-slip surface, very easy to clean with a spectacular contemporary look.
Any Interior Design Project completed with micro concrete will be stunning as this material can be applied non only on cantilever treads but it can be used to cover a range of items in the home including dining room tables, floors and walls. Huge choice of different texture finishes and colours.

Corian or similar materials for luxury Cantilever Staircases

Originally designed for kitchen countertops Corian by Dupont has become a very valuable material that Architects and Designers all over the worlds uses to complete their best projects.

If offers a very hard and resistant surface therefore it is perfect for Cantilever Staircases.
If you are looking for a very elegant and luxury Staircase Design the Corian or a similar material is the right choice. Contact your designers today, they will be happy to guide you step by step and help in your exclusive staircase selection.

Cantilever Corian Stairs

Cantilever Stairs with Corian treads

Suspended Staircase

Floating White Staircase