Building Codes

Stairs Building Regulations around the World

Each country where we deliver has its own Stairs Building Codes and Stairways Building Regulations.
Stairs Buildings Regulations are hence related to safety in the use of the stairway. They may differ depending on the type of building (commercial properties, public places or private homes) and also local regulations and codes.
It is absolutely essential that you check with your local building officer which rules have to be applied to your project.  The following information is only offered as guidelines related to the bespoke stairs building code.

You can find basic information on the links below.
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uk FLAG  England – UK Building Regulations        approved-document-k

australia FLAGAustralian Building Regulations
Australia BCA 2012 Building Code

Australia BCA  Building Code Class 1  Buildings


us flag  United States Building Code IRC 2009


Canada Flag  Canada National Building Code 2010


south africa flag  South Africa Building Regulations 2011