Architectural Glass Stairs

The Magic of Transparency

Outstanding Stairs Look for any Interior design

If you are aiming to give an exclusive and terrific look to your project Grand Design Architectural Glass Stairs are surely the right option for you.
You can choose to have only some glass parts in the stairway or even a full staircase made of glass. Depending on the space available you can decide for a straight flight, a L- or U-shape or even a curved staircase.
Our engineers and designers will help you to get the best result in terms of design and structural soundness.


Glass Stairs and Glass Railing Architectural Glass Stairs

Structural Glass Stairs Railing

Architectural Glass Stairs Design Ideas and Manufacture

Structural Glass balustrades and glass walls are the best solution if you aim to give the highest sense of lightness to your interior design. With the magic of glass even a small space can become bigger and bigger.
Tempered laminated glass is always our choice to grant long lasting solid products. Many colors, shades and patterns are available. The addition of Led lights can give the final touch of class to the stair work of art.
Different Led lights colors can be incorporated into steps, railing and handrail.

Glass steps with led lights Architectural Glass Stairs

Glass treads with led lights strips

Led Lighting on handrail Architectural Glass Stairs

Led Lighting on handrail

All-glass Stair

Contemporary Staircase with glass treads and balustrade

Glass Steps with led lights

Stairs design styles

No limits for the glass stair layout: straight, quarter turn, half turn, helical, curved and even S-shape.
You can find more glass staircases ideas on our Spiral Stairs, Curved Stairs ,Open Stairs or Cantilever Stairs pages.
Brushed or polished stainless steel fixings add a distinctive touch of luxury to the whole staircase.

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Spiral Staircase with glass railing

Architectural Glass staircase