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The expertise of Best Stairs Experts, Architects, Designers and Engineers combined with the experience of Skilled European Stairs Manufacturers to achieve Unique Stairways Projects internationally.
Grand Design Stairs  … Anything but ordinary Stairs …

Our Approach and Stairs Design Concept

With decades of experience in working with designers, architects, structural engineers and building surveyors we perfectly understand the needs of all professionals involved. We welcome challenging Exclusive Staircases Projects and enjoy working with the aim to always achieve a Unique Prestige Stair Masterpiece as final result. Our team offers the best craftsmanship with the most updated design and technology. This is to ensure your and your clients’ complete satisfaction.

Our Services

Stairs Design is our specialty, Perfect Stairs Projects our achievement, Client Satisfaction our prize.
We guide all clients, first of all Architects and Interior Designers, House Owners, Builders, Contractors or others from the initial Staircase Idea to the completed and installed product.

Our Services include Stairs Design, Stairs Project Management, Feasibility Studies with custom recommendations and suggested solutions, Structural Engineering Calculations, Site Surveys, Manufacturing Process, Delivery to site and Installation.

Stairs Selection

Our Stairs Range includes Modern and Classic Stairways Designs, different layouts, styles and materials. Each Staircase is a unique masterpiece engineered following the specific requirements and Building Regulations of the Staircase Project.

Stairs Styles: Modern, Contemporary, Classic, Neoclassic and others
Stairways Layouts: Straight, L- U- S-shape, Cantilever or Floating, Spiral, Curved, Helical and others
Stairs Parts and Materials: Glass, different wood types, mild steel, stainless steel. Acrylic, marble, granite and stones, resins, Corian, micro-concrete and more

Stairs Design Concept today

At Grand Design Stairs the research for new Stairs Designs, materials and solutions is non-stop. We love to stay up-dated and hence follow the last Architectural and Interior Designs trends. The staircase is nowadays not only a functional element connecting two or more floors.
It is a central element in any space, being this a small private house, a big villa, a hotel, a venue center, a shopping mall, a new build office or others. Stairs have to be perfectly integrated with any Interior Design. They also have respond to strict building rules. Safety is our priority either. All Stairs are fully comply to required Building Regulations.

Our Grand Design Stairs Website

In our website you find Bespoke Stairs Ideas to enhance your exclusive Interior Design Project, tips to choose best stairs design, materials and finishes, an inspirational guide for architects and interior designers & more…
Useful directions and basic concepts on Stairs Building Codes and Regulations are also listed in our pages.

 “The Ideal Stair .. a lifetime dream”. We only supply Premium Stairs Solutions that last a lifelong and much more ….

… some of our Featured Completed Projects …

Glass spiral Staircase Louisiana icon
Curved Glass Spiral Staircase – New Office – Louisiana Usa
Steel marble Luxury Staircase
Three-story Luxury Staircase – Private Villa – Omsk Russia
Three-story Staircase - E-Teck University - Caribbean Islands
Three-story Staircase – E-Teck University – Caribbean Islands









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